Wednesday, August 27, 2008


27th Aug till 5th Sept. So guys, stop kacau-ing me!
I wanna watch Wall-E!! Hopefully cinemas will still be showing after my exams. :-)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


NO TIME!! No time!! Was busy, and will be even busier next 2 months.. Cause our AS results were out and as expected, I didn't do well, so have to really work hard for the coming A2 exams in order to pull up my grades.. Have been asking some teachers for giving us tuition classes and yes, will be having tuition classes until like end of September or so.. Really have to brush up on my Chemistry and Physics.. :-(

So many kids, feeling REALLY old now..

Do u think this dress is nice?

Me in the fitting room, *shopping* =)

Sis brought this back and they were now all in our stomachs.

This was taken a year ago.

And this is a year later...

Playing around in the lab.

Park drew this, AWESOME right? haha..

Won't be updating my blog that often I guess... Because... NO TIME!! Having tuition classes!! Trial exams in 2 weeks and A2 finals in 2 months time.. Feeling a little regret that I didn't study before this.. =( always like that.. I know... T.T