Friday, June 27, 2008

6M gathering

The 2nd 6M gathering, 7 of us turned up, Regina, Yoong Shin, Pik San, Sherman, Jason, Zi Meng and me. Most of them didn't come for the previous gathering. Besides Regina and Yoong Shin, I really never see the rest after standard 6. But I can recognise all of them while some cannot recognise me. I don't blame them because I really changed a lot A LOT... Regina brought some of our primary school photos. Then I was like.. OMG!! Please.. BURN THEM!! At least those that have my face in it. I was once an ugly girl, always left alone at the corner, nobody will ever notice me. Hahaha, I'm just joking, but I really look ugly last time with my specs and that stupid hairstyle. Well, I look OK now, so.. No harm seeing those old pictures also, only then people can see I have now become prettier *smiles* We went for a movie (Wanted), then dinner in Kenny Rodgers, take some pictures then back home. It's kinda fun meeting some old friends like that, I think we shall stay in touch this way. I'm really looking forward to the next gathering, Don't know when would it be, perhaps years later as many are going overseas to futher their studies soon..

I really hope we will be able to keep in touch. =) And hope to see more people in the next gathering :-)

P/S 1 : I am going to Singapore, u guys(Cochraneans) can still text me if there's anything, but I might not reply, lol. So don't say I never tell ok? And I won't be able to join u guys seeing Sim Yi off IF the plan to KLIA works out.
P/S 2 : PM 14!! Monday is the orientation day for the new CAL intake, so there will be no classes! =D

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Movie Marathon

Wednesday... How do u spend your Wednesdays during holidays? Today, a Wednesday, and I had fully utilised my day. A movie marathon it is. Haven't been for a movie marathon for ages already. And I actually only watch 2 movies one after another long time ago. Today I watched 3, it's fun, (wtf!? 3 movies at the same day?) u might think that it would be tiring, but for me it wasn't probably because I'm still young. Plus the movies I watched today were all very nice. So yeah, I enjoyed my day! Very much indeed.. Hui Ven enjoyed it too and said we could do the same in our future holidays. The 3 movies I covered today are :

1. Made of Honour
2. The Incredible Hulk
3. Kung Fu Panda ( English version)

All 3 are good, very nice movies, that's why I enjoyed my day so much. Made of Honour, I love this show, it would be perfect if u are watching it with your love ones. The Incredible Hulk was not too bad, its all about the green hulk, I don't have to mention much as most people already know that. And finally Kungfu Panda, animation, a funny one. But I just prefer the Cantonese version. If u haven't watch and if u are GOOD in cantonese, u can understand cantonese, then I will suggest u to go for the Cantonese version, it would be a lot funnier!

I have watched Narnia, Kungfu Panda (Eng) and Get Smart last week, all were pretty good too. Tomorrow I might go for movie again. Haha I hope I won't be sick of the cinema after the holidays. 5 more days of freedom before school begins. 2 weeks is really too short for students to rest their minds and recover from exams. That's it for today ^.^

Sunday, June 22, 2008


My exams over!! It has been a week already.. How come time always pass so fast during holidays? *sigh* My exam was ended on the 12th. Then 13th was our A Level's prom. It was pretty fun taking pictures around with our awesome dresses (for girls). Balls can be fun but they can also be boring sometimes. This prom was ok. Not too bad. I think the emcee was a bit lame and the performance were not very interesting. The only interesting part was the lecturers dance and yet, that was a 'recycled' one. They used to perform the same dance in the previous prom. But I know, not much people will notice that. We knew that because Mr Seo showed us the video of the dance months ago. 130 bucks per person, thats very expensive.. Well the grand ballroom is awesome (in Renaissance Hotel), but the food sucks. Not nice at all, I didn't eat much though I was actually quite hungry.

PM14 students and the mentor

Girls of our class

My Physics lecturer + mentor

Peggy : Sir, that girl beside u looks pretty!
Mr Seo : Are u saying the one with the white dress?
Peggy : =.=''

This is the way how my mentor always talks. He is damn pro in shooting people (I love it). And he said what I blogged was pointless except the Physics post. lol. He also said that our class is.. hmm.. is breaking his record.. (PM14 students, u all know right...)

Went shopping with Wai Ee that day, Friday right? MNG is having Mega Giga Tera sales man.. Once u go in to the shop, u can hardly breathe. Soooo many people. It is like a place where a war is happening.. But instead of men, now women are fighting - for clothes =.=
The interesting part : The queue in front of the fitting room was super long. U know what we did? We throw the clothes that we want to try on to the guys and let them do the queuing. Then we go and grab more clothes. Damn funny to see 2 guys with lady clothes on their hands lining up in front of the fitting room in a lady shop. Should have taken a photo of this 'scene'. Too bad, Wai Yee and I were busy 'fighting'. Anyway thanks to uhm... MING LEONG and CHIA HUI. Hahahhaha.

Just now... I went for Sim Yi's farewell party in 'Tan Char Ok', a cafe near leisuremall. Got to meet lots of secondary schoolmates.. Hmm, pictures pictures!!

After walking Sim Yi back home, Chia Hui, Ming Leong and I were doing silly stuffs again. Heheh. Guess what.. ahaha.. posing in the middle of the road.. Can u recognise which road is it??

It is the main road before u turn left to leisuremall.. Although it was already midnight, still there were cars passing through that road.. This is what teenagers will do ~ SILLY thing.

Monday, June 16, 2008

What I want to do / say / tell / blablabla...

I WANT TO.....

  • tell Yen Lee, Mei Hui, Suet Yin, Sook Mun, Pei Cheng, Min Siew, Jett Roo...... I MISS U ALL SO MUCH...
  • and when shall we gather?
  • say CONGRATULATION to SMK Cochrane scouts for organizing a very successful and interesting campfire.
  • ask Derk Leon to send me the photos, I know u are very busy having fun now, but send me asap please and thanks.
  • remind Shine to buy my Nike sports shoes and telling U here it's ok to buy expensive ones cause someone will pay U :-)
  • ask Wai Ee, are u going clubbing with them this Thursday? Probably not right... :-(
  • thank Jason for the strawberries though they are a bit sour, lol..
  • tell Chia Hui, U stupid crazy jerk!! Stop putting my hand on your face before I kenakan u next time!!
  • say Bak Kut Teh for supper was not a good idea plus that one we go for doesn't taste good also.. Go Klang next time. Lol.
  • ask Kin Fon to go for a midnight show with Mun Keat and Mun Hoe like how we used to when we were YOUNG =.=''
  • tell Hui Ven Im gonna show my specs photos so don't keep complaining u never see me wearing specs ok?
  • tell Andy, Hock Yong, Hui Ven... I will TRY to send u guys the photos we took during our prom asap.
  • thank Pi Jeng for asking your uncle to fetch me back home that night..
  • study for A2? I hope I WILL..
  • tell PM14, Mr Seo said we break his record with our 'excellent' results...

Cannot fall asleep.. So blog.. Holidays now.. only for 2 weeks.. Damn short.. Lots of things on my mind.. I cannot see my future.. I am kinda lost now.. Can someone please help me? How to help? It's super easy.. Just belanja makan or movie.. Then I will surely feel better :-)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our new house...

I will be moving to a new place, most probably next year.. I guess it would be a few months after Chinese New Year, I GUESS.. Don't really have the idea how long will the renovation take..

NEW place to live.. NEW house.. NEW room.. Everythings NEW.. BIGGER house.. BIGGER room.. And I don't have to share a room with my sister anymore.. This is cool.. But.. Why am I not feeling any happier? Slash that, I should say I don't feel happy at all.. Why? Due to some conflicts.. That's one of the reasons.. Oh I forgot to say.. My new house is in Cheras Perdana.. I have been thinking a lot.. Moving to a new place like that would probably change my life.. It takes longer to reach my college, KL, everywhere else.. Friends are all living near my current house.. So it's really pretty convenient for me to go out, I don't have to drive cause my friends will always come pick me up.. But what will happen if I moved to Cheras Perdana? Probably they will not come to me because it's FAR... ( and petrol price just gone up ).Then I will have to rot at home.. And over there, wherever or whenever I want to go out, I will have to drive, no other choice.. There's no eating place, pasar malam, pasar pagi, whatever pasar.. shopping mall nearby..

Ok, I know you would want to say "You have a car, you can always drive yourself." HELL NO!! I don't drive unless I really have to.. Nobody's gonna fetch me out and my driving skills sucks.. Plus I really have bad sense of directions.. Yes, I know... I am pampered.. But how? It has been like that always.. I know it is time for me to improve my driving skills, remembering roads and so on.. But I just feel sooooo reluctant to do that =.='' Speechless? Lol..

Enough of complaining already.. Let's look at the positive side of it.. That house is really awesome, and I will get a real big room, though it is much smaller compared to my parents' and sisters', it is big enough for me.. Sounds really big huh? Haha, nolar, not actually, I am just kinda exaggerating.. to make myself feel better.. =.=''

Don't wanna talk much, have a look at it will do!

The living room


Not bad mah!! Haha.. I wish.. it takes forever to get the renovation done.. Lol.. At least not so soon, I am really not ready yet..

(p/s : 2 more papers! Chem P1 and Phys P1, finishing on the 12th.. Then I will be FREE like a flying bird~~)