Tuesday, December 23, 2008

M.O.S. instead of Langkawi

Oh yes, the Langkawi trip that was supposed to be on last Friday was canceled...
"V're planning a trip 2 pangkor. (changed to Langkawi) Nt sure wen v're leaving. its gona b spontaneous! Ders 9 of us d, every1 u can think of in the clan."
Now u can guess why the trip is off? Last minute plans don't work! Yups, all the hotels are fully booked!! Sad but actually that was expected, but still we were HOPING that we can make it...
''Sori guys. Trip is off. Bt i'll plan stg else s a replacement!''
And we went to M.O.S. that night, so I guess that was the replacement? A bit reluctant to be but... at least we had fun right, my friends?
Ok, my next trip is on the 28th, coming back on the 1st. So I'm not gonna celebrate new year in KL. Going to Singapore, then to Phuket. It's a cruise trip. Hope that it will be fun ^.^


Food, esp chocolate is the most wonderful thing that God has created... But being fat and unhealthy is the worst thing... How much calories do u consume a day?
"Haiyor, who cares lah?" that's me.. I already gained 3kgs in this holidays..

chocolate fondue in Chocolate, Pavilion.

Rich chocolate taste

4 straws for 4 people

After eating the very yummy chocolate fondue in Pavilion, I felt like eating more.. So the next day, I went to Mid Valley with my sister and a friend for Haagen Dazs...

That's our lunch

Who doesn't love ice cream? And who doesn't love CHOCOLATE??
chocolate + ice cream = chocolate ice cream
Omg chocolate it's ice cream!! I definitely love it!! And this is for today, oh I mean Monday..

Chocolate journey

Burning calories, well guess exercise would be the best way, ok I'll try... Or I should just restrict my diet to LESS calories.. No, I can't.. Work out would be the way then, why am I not like those people who can hardly gain weight though they eat A LOT? I should have made this as my birthday wish for next month!! Yes, my birthday's coming soon, so don't forget PRESENTS for me!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Post of My Trip ( specially for Hui Ven)

8 days 7 nights trip... Yes I'm back from the very very fun trip. Oh God, miss the fun, miss the food, miss the people, miss the places, miss the beach, miss the waterfall, miss Pi Jeng's house, miss everything!!! How good it would be if time can just stop during holidays. Anyways... I might be going to Langkawi on Friday! Some other friends of mine planned it on Monday, yes when I was just back here =.=''

1st day : Reaching Ipoh in the afternoon, visit some temples, then wonderful lunch, we are really hungry after the long journey...

Pi Jeng's car from KL to Ipoh

Temple in Ipoh

The sweetest couple

2nd day : to Pulau Pangkor. Well people would say Pangkor has no nice beach, nothing much to do there, but if u are with your friends, everywhere's nice, right?

My baggage for Pangkor

Now on the way

The next day in Pangkor before leaving

Oh yes, we travel by bikes in Pangkor. That's cool. I love riding bikes.
3rd day : back from Pangkor to Pi Jeng's house in Pantai Remis (Perak). That was a tiring day. Thanks Pi Jeng's aunt for organizing some crazy games for us. Pictures not with me, too bad, Hui Ven, couldn't show u for now =P Went to Pasar malam then dinner.

sunset in Pantai Remis

4th day : Went to some places, only the locals know.. and of course FUN FUN FUN!!!

The boys

We are in the car behind them.. going to a nearby beach to catch some little prawns, for dinner, yummy~~ lol... After than we headed for the most interesting place----------------------------- where?? the enchanted waterfall. Don't have any pictures in the waterfall with me now =(

That's our entertainment at night in the house. I slept late and woke up early everyday during the trip. Eh, but surprisingly I still can tahan, not bad =)

5th day : going up to the hill, Cameron Highland lalala~ relaxing day.. As usual we went for those boring parks.. BUT it was fun at night!! Went to the pasar malam, funfair and before going back to our apartment, we went to yum cha..

Nice view

They are cousins. Both of them are really... mischievious, lady-like, noisy bla bla bla.

The Funfair

6th, 7th day : In Penang. Ate a lot there, Penang, a place full of nice food. We stayed in B suite hotel, near Queensbay mall. The room there was nice but no swimming pool in that hotel, we were all like.. WTH....

Buffet dinner

I like this. Throwing coins into the silver round bowl.

Lots of Doraemon advertisement in Penang.

I like =)

In Queensbay mall

Gurney drive

8th day : Before leaving penang, we climb up this pagoda. We leave peanang around 3plus and reach KL at 8plus.

Penang city

So the trip ended. We were all actually exhausted but all of us enjoyed the trip. Thanks Pi Jeng for planning this awesome trip, and let us stay in her house for 3 nights. Thanks her aunt and parents a lot too for bringing us here and there. Thanks the brothers for bringing us joy and fun. Thanks Chong Dee for driving us 8 days! Thanks, love u guys!!

P/S : Hui Ven, please give some comments. This post is specially for u. Hope u will enjoy seeing it though u can't join us. Hopefully we will have a chance in future to go for a trip like this =)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tiring days

Wohooh, I never thought of blogging during this trip. Well I'm now in my friend's house, using her laptop just to make a quick post. This few days have been really tiring but it's REALLY REALLY FUN!! I don't want this trip to end. Haha Hui Ven, I can tell u, this trip is full of joy and fun, lol, and by the way we are not angry anymore. Anger doesn't make things go well, but just a little unhappy because...... because...... NO ONE FOR US TO TEASE!! lol.. We just came back from Pangkor and it's really nice hanging together with friends day and night. Going Pasar Malam in Pantai Remis (somewhere in Perak) soon. So yes will blog when I'm back in KL. So tired =P

Saturday, December 6, 2008

So angry!!

I'm so angry with some people! Wait I will tell what's wrong later.
I said I wanted to blog on Thursday but I didn't. That was because Wai Yee asked me to go Euphoria, that's why I didn't have time to blog. That time she went when I was having exams and I also went when she was having her exams. So this time we both finally can go together to the very chun Euphoria club in Sunway, and that day was really fun. It would be perfect if it wasn't soooooo packed. That day was REALLY VERY VERY crowded. Probably it was because final exams for SPM, STPM and ADP happen to end at the same day which was that day.

looking really hot and sweaty

Eu Jin is with the 4 girls, lol

Hmm.. what have I been doing during holidays? No nothing, sigh.. wasting time stoning at home and idling around. I wanna work after my road trip. God, I'm really.... BROKE!!

Sis doing some dragon fruit agar-agar

and I'm doing the milk pudding

The one I do taste better. That's for sure right. Whatever I do is always better =.=''
I AM SO ANGRY!!! GRRRRRRR......... Why are there people like that!!! Wait, just got a friend's call, and that really really freaks me out!!!! Can I shout out loud? I have never been this angry before. Well it's like this, some of our friends just told us that they are not going for tomorrow's trip!! LAST MINUTE!! And the very good and helpful organizer, Pi Jeng has booked and prepared everything for the trip. We will still go for the trip but.. I'm just not happy with their attitude. So irresponsible and inconsiderate!! Now, just left 9 of us, guess it would be still as fun!!
I actually wanted to write more here, but I already don't have the mood.. So yes will blog only after my trip. Wish me have a nice, fun, exciting and safe trip!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blog blog blog!!!

Unhealthy exam lifestyle

Some precious memories...

HOCK YONG sleeping during tuition. Yes, in the RM30 per hour tuition. The teacher was also fed up with him already and just sat down and wait us to wake him up. Sigh.. tiba-tiba jadi mangsa. Well, both of us (Hamster and I) are good girls, so we woke him up and explained to the teacher that he was just too tired and created excuses for him. Now I felt bad that we lied just because of the lazy bum. We shouldn't have do that, sorry Mr Leong. We lied to u!!
MUAHAHAHAHA... Just kidding, don't get angry Hock Yong.

So now let me tell something TRUE... Really hope MR SEO reads this ;-p
There was this class that Mr Leong was teaching us, some op-am thingy.
"What does impedence mean?" He asked Hock yong.
"Ee.. Ah.. Uhm.." mumbled the fatty.
"Come on, u should have remembered
, u just learnt it in college, don't u?"
" pretended him..
Then, Hui Ven and I laugh out immediately, really loud.
Hahaha, Mr Seo, PM14 rocks right?? (Shhh.. Hock Yong is always like that during tuition)

Look at the picture below, smiling happily before eating the ca..a..ke... the cake was recommended by the person in King's. So never trust them, lol.. Cheese cake with no cheese taste.


Awesome birthday cake for Slyvia

I bought a dress for her from Gap Kids
and she likes it, lol..

I think I will stop here for today. I'm gonna blog again soon, hopefully tomorrow.. :-)