Monday, September 22, 2008


"Peggy, you are really absolutely FAT.."
WTF!? Some idiots in my class (PM14) keep saying this to me, as if they are very fit. NO! Unfortunately they are NOT at all.. It's like one of them is underweight, lol.. So why saying other people huh? They even pass me a note like that in class. A2 is coming so soon and yet they are still so free to do things like that. I am not gonna say who they are, 2 of them..

Nah, I never say who Ok? I only mention 2 of them!

Muahahahahah, idiots! Even if I'm fat, I will not stop eating chocolates! I know they are just kidding, making fun of me! They are so many others are fatter than me and some are REAL fat right, like one of our teacher and Mr T and bla bla bla.. LOL.. =P

Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally I'm updating this...

Family and friends are the most important people in our lives. Everyone agrees? I'm not saying this all of a sudden. I really realize this. Besides family, there's nothing that we cannot forget about, there's nothing we cannot let go. Friends come in the second place unless you already have a gf/bf. No one can live without family and friends. I cannot imagine how would myself become if I got no friends. NO~ But, I'm really a very lucky girl, growing up in a happy family with my dearest friends around me. What else could I hope for? So guys, if u are one who always complaining about this and that, stop doing so! Always remember, everyone will face difficulties and problems in lives, and most of the time, people around you (family + friends) will help us go through all these. Thank God for making us our family and friends.

Yes people! All I want to tell is actually appreciate people around you. Be a happy-go-lucky person. Life is fragile, everything can happen, if u think u deserve a good life, always take things for granted, then u should wake up to face the fact, the real life. God can give u something, but he can also take things from u. Nobody will know how their future would be, but one thing we can do is to learn to appreciate things =) So that we can ensure that the feeling of regret will never exist, again... CRAP!! U would say probably, it's true that this is not easy to be practiced. For me, I would try
my best to do so!?

Ok, enough of that. I know I have not been blogging for quite some time, I'm not that busy though, not losing my enthusiasm of blogging also.. Laziness? Perhaps.. hehe =P Guess nobody will bother to drop by here anymore.. Back to exams, well just got the results, and they were simply the worst results of the year. I'm not trying to be irresponsible, but the fact is that the teachers are really rushing the syllabus like nobody's business, making us barely even breathe. Nah! I'm not blaming the teachers, maybe 1 and a half year is not enough for the A levels programme or there's just simply too much holiday for us, (but I like). I'm also blaming myself for not putting much effort in it. So this makes it 80% my fault! Final exam which is my A2 exam is starting on 20th of Oct, finishing on the 13th Nov. I'm now totally unprepared. I know if I have the determination sticking on the chair to study, I will be able to do well. I will really try my best for that and stop partying? Cannot be so cruel to myself right, so maybe less partying =D

See! I can be hardworking!

Look at the smiles on our faces, we enjoy studying wei!!