Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Leaving home soon

I have been hounding my sis to buy me a ROXY dress last week, but she didn't promise. I am really broke because of the holidays, went out everyday, spending money all the time. I really spent a bit too much this month. I want that dress, I really want it! So there was this day we happen to go to Pavillion, then I showed her that dress, but she is complaing it's not nice, material not good, not worth to buy at all, and 1 terrible thing that is she said it looks like a pyjamas.. then I was like what the... Well she ended up promise to pay half the price, so I was like "OKLOR" better than none. And yes finally I BOUGHT IT.

YAy YaY.. I will not be around for a few days, going somewhere. I didn't manage to tell most of my friends where I will be going (soon->leaving home 6sth later). Tell u guys when I am back so that I can really avoid buying souveniers. Lol. Will post something about my trip when I am back, so be patient ok? Don't think about souveniers and stuff like that already. ITS TOO LATE!! =)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back in college after holidays

It’s already my second day back in college. Holidays had ended. Time pass really fast when one is having fun. God, I have hell lot of unfinished homework. Then a gigantic pile of past year paper waiting for me to do. I really can’t believe how some of my classmates had actually finished it. I bought the past year for all the subjects months ago. Quite long ago that I actually don’t remember how long already. But… I am like only did a few pages for all the 4 subjects. Feeling darn miserable… I can’t believe that myself have so so so much of work to catch up on. Don’t be surprised if u guys bump into a zombie who looks like Peggy in Cheras or somewhere else next time. I will be pretty busy in the coming 1 and a half month! Until my AS exams end which is in the mid June…

I asked my friends something,
Peggy >>> Did u study during holidays?
Friend A>> Erm.. only a day.
Peggy >>> How about u?
Friend B >>Not really.
Peggy >>> And u?
Friend C>> Nope.
Friends >> How about u, Peggy?
Peggy >>> NOT AT ALL!!

Yes, I ended up didn’t study anything during holidays. How can I? Oh no… How am I going to score in my exams? Only one way that is study constantly, everyday from now onwards. Then I will have a chance to do well in my coming exams. My trials result is better than the semester ones but still BAD…

Why didn’t I study during the 2 weeks holidays? Well, I didn’t manage to study due to some “UNAVOIDABLE CIRCUMSTANCES” *cough cough* Haha. U guys know what right. I know I have only myself to blame… I really know! Sometimes I feel so guilty, what I have to do is just study and that also I am not able to do… But holidays are for us to relax our mind, isn’t it? LOL..

I am still sleeping quite late everyday. The night before my class starts I tried to go to bed early but I really can’t fall asleep, looking at the ceiling, turning around on my bed. So I was thinking not to waste my time, might as well go watch astro on demand. Then I went down to the living room, on the TV. Feel like eating something. So went to make cup noodles and a cup of light alcohol. Oh, I feel like I am in heaven! Enjoying filling up my stomach while watching astro on demand, those Hong Kong series. Oh yes, I am a Hong Kong series ADDICT!! I love to watch them a lot. It is like part of my life already. Haha.

Ok, stop having fun, playing around and get on with the STUDIES!! STUDY STUDY STUDY and only STUDY!! GANBATTE Peggy and classmates ^.^ We can do well in our AS provided we study really hard… Go go.. Lets start STUDYing!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another relaxing day

I said I wanna start studying already but... Friends keep asking me to go here and there... Damn... Actually it's my own fault, always play only, left less than a month will be my AS final exams, so must STUDY!! I promised myself yesterday would be my last day for relaxing.

But yesterday was really a great day. Jason and I went back to Cochrane to get our SPM certificate. Then we meet up with Wai Ee and Ee Won for lunch. Then we headed to Time Square. I left when they were about to watch Death Note 3. So how was it huh? Haha.

I went to Titiwangsa with another friend. Trying to find a stall.. but unfortunately it was closed maybe because of the heavy rain. After more than an hour of traffic jam, we decided to stop by and have a drink in Oldtown, KL. But after that the traffic was still as terrible. Finally we reached Pavillion. After parking the car, my friend and I walked to this shop'记得吃' . It used to be in Imbi, but it is now shifted to Low Yat there. Outside Low Yat plaza, right opposite The Coffee Bean.

Dear Shine:
I am letting u see what i have eaten!! Hahaha. (She loves it just like me)

I really really love this!! It's so so so delicious. I will feel very happy every time I get to eat this. Haha. After eating this, we walked back to Pavillion and watch this show.

Hahaha. Who says I won't be able to watch this? Yeah, it's not showing in the cinema anymore. Yesterday was the last day! If u want to watch and u haven't watch. I am afraid that u have to get the dvd :D And yes it is a NICE show with very good story line.

By the way, just want to share u guys this. U can get 1 free ticket upon purchase of 1 GSC ticket and this is only valid for asterisk (*) movies, until end of this month only!! Meaning just RM4 per person and I got to watch this show!! Haha.

How to get the coupon?
1. Go to
2. Hot offer/news (the blue heading there)
3. Cinema fun break with horton
4. Print the coupon!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Holiday Life

During exam days... This is what helps me a lot a lot, make me stay awake to burn midnight oil...
But I also suffered because of this sometimes... know what is that? Lets have a look!

Yes. Those instant coffee. I drink it only when I am having exams. 1 to 3 cups a day. Its not good for health so don't drink that so often!!
Finally my exams ended on the 4th and here comes my HOLIDAYS!! only 2 weeks =.= but better than none lar though its just a very short break.


The night after my last paper, my cousins, friend and I went to Hulu Langat look out point. We had a drink in Gasoline on the hill. Can u imagine the atmosphere over there? with nice cool air, looking at the night view of KL from the top. It is a wonderful place. I have been here several times and i really like this place

We went back after climbing up the pagoda there. Not too late because I have something to do the next day..

The next day 6am...
Wake up wake up!! It's time!! Hurry up!! Oh i really hate this because of the terrible timing.. But I must wake up because we are going back to our hometown for 'Qin Ming'. Don't know what's that? Look at the photo and I am sure u will know...

As u can see the sun is shining brightly, we were all sweating sweating and sweating.. although it's still early in the morning around 9 something, but we really can feel the heat. It's HOT!!

(P/S : u can't see me because I am the one who shoot this, doesn't mean i am not helping out. I AM!!)

Back in the house (still in Port Dickson).. I found something interesting.. I never walk around the house in the past until that day.. My eldest sister brought me to the back of the house.. My God, until then only i know what's behind the house.. Let's see...

This is how the place behind the house look like.. Pretty big, like you will never see where's the boundary.. My sister told me there were snakes, pigs and other creatures here but they enjoyed running all around in this big wide place.. What a nice memory for her! After about 10 minutes walking.. This is what we can see..

My sister said it used to be a river here and if u go further it is the beach, but my sisters are not allowed to go there because there were too young ( they had been living here until the age of 5 only) and it is quite dangerous to do so.. I am born in KL, that's why i really don't know how would it be the life here. I think it is pretty interesting.

Here comes the most interesting part.. We nearly got lost the way back to the house because u can see palm trees in all the directions, everywhere around us.. But fortunately we are smart enough that we can recognise the way back.. Hahaha..

It's already near evening when we arrived back in KL.. What a tiring day.. There is only one thing we can do after showering ---- SLEEP!!

Sunday - Birthday celebration for Annie. We went for a hi-tea buffet in PGRM. The food there is not very good, the fact that we were all complaining about it. We went to Wai Yee's house after that then to my house to watch a horror movie called SAW. The funniest thing was it wasn't the show that frightened us. It is the centipede that suddenly crawled out. And it was finally killed by the hero-Leon. Haha.

onday i went to watch this show --- Nim's Island.. It's ok only. Not too bad lar.

Tuesday i received Wei Kidd's call. It has been ages he hasn't call me. He asked me to go for Kin Fon's birthday celebration. We went to Kim Gary in Maluri then switch to Old Town in Taman Billion when Kim Gary is about to close. Get to meet some secondary school friends that I have not seen them for a very long time on that day.

Wednesday went to KLCC with my sister to help my dad to to something. Then guess what we ate there? Banana Split, Haagen Dazze ice-cream!! Yummy, I love it!

Thursday I went to Mid Valley for my shopping session. But i didn't buy much things cause i am short of something important. Do you know what I mean? You should know if you are smart enough ^.^ And i would be very happy if u can give me 'THAT'. Hahaha.

Friday~ This is a wonderful day!! Well I went to 1Utama with my cousins. We actually plan to go for the Haagen Dazze buffet but she was late so... We went for a Korean buffet in this restaurant called Seoul Garden.. The food here is a lot better than in The Junction Bistro, PGRM and the main point is same price for both the meal.. So erm.. Perhaps we can try on the next birthday celebration (for BOU DENG group members, hehe).

After that we went for a movie. L Change The World, Death note 3. This show is nice but i prefer the last 2 episodes a little bit more.

Then we went for dinner in SS2 Murni. Finally i get to eat the claypot 'loh shu fan' there! Yay yay.. haha.. whoalao damn full lar that day..

Saturday- One of my college friend asked me to go to his former school for a event. 8AM!! Yes AM!! And of course i didn't go. It's too early for me. But then I methem (college mates) after that for lunch. Then they came to my house. Nothing much to play in my house also. Park even fell asleep. I think he was too tired. Came all the way here from Subang by KTM. Semangat yang haruslah dicontohi!! Haha.

That's usually how I spend my time and what I do during holiday. Hang out with friends, idling and strolling around.. I am gonna start studying in the coming week. Left a week holiday only. Time flies during holidays.. Have to study because AS final is like 3 weeks after holiday. Damn scary. Wish me best of luck =.=''

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


What Peggy's close friend (Yen Lee) says...

( p/s : paiseh this is taken from Yen Lee's blog)
Just to let u guys know more about me ;-)
小八= Yen Lee



























My message, specially for Yen Lee :
Thanks for your care, your accompany, your everything for the past few years. We all have so many sweet memories during secondary school days.. From Bandaraya Girls School to SMK Cochrane.. I appreciate everything from you.. FRIENDSHIP FOREVER..

Sorry for those who can't read chinese because i am NOT GONNA TRANSLATE!! hahaha..