Thursday, November 13, 2008


I completed my whole A-levels already! OMG, unbelievable. Time flies, esp when u don't know what u are doing, lol.. Well, not that I don't know what I was doing in college for 1 and a half year time. It's just the feeling, kinda weird feeling, like I have not been doing anything and I just completed the course LIKE THAT. You know, the GUILT is there... What the heck is wrong with me? I don't want to have such a feeling. Anyways I'm done with my exams! YES! At first I thought I don't feel anything but I just realised that I'm actually very happy after my last paper today. I keep on smiling alone as if I'm abnormal. Exams, sigh.. again don't ask me anymore about exams, I think I did ok, it won't be very bad but... uhm... ahem... herm... NOT GOOD also. It's very hard to predict sometimes, who knows if I have made lots of silly mistakes. And I know I have made some. =.='' Chemistry paper 5 (lab theory) was my worst paper. I HATE CHEMISTRY!!

My niece, Slyvia.

She's cute! isn't she? Tomorrow would be her 1 year old birthday. We are definitely gonna celebrate her very first birthday. Going out for a feast! Muahahaha. After weeks staying at home for studies, I almost feel like dying. Thank God that exams are over!

Oh yes, after my paper today, I then went for lunch with some friends. There was a cute guy serving us and he came,
"Are u done?" (then he was preparing to keep my friend's plate)
"NO!!" said my friend, LOUDLY.
We kept silent for 3 seconds, then we all break into laughter! It was so embarrassing! That waiter was shocked for a while. Well, she was not saying that 'NO' intentionally. ( probably she had been starving, lol) It was so funny when that guy come keeping our dishes again.

Then I came home, watching tv for 9 hours non stop. Astro on demand and stuffs.. And now BLOGGING! Finally I have the time, to relax... Can time now don't go so fast, or even stop forever. YAY! I'm going for a trip to Pangkor, Cameron Highlands and Penang on the 7th with some college friends. Can't wait!!! I will also be going to Phuket end of the year. I really love travelling, but who does't? Right? SO HAPPY!! My life ROCKS!!

P/S: Someone drop me a msg telling me he is free and I was still having exams. So bad!! But when I think of him not bringing his calculator for exam and have to rush back home to get his calculator, I feel good =D What an experience! Muhahahahaha.. =P

Oops, I have to bathe! Good night!