Friday, January 23, 2009

Curi tulang-ing

I'm not suppose to blog now ( u know why right). For those who do not know, u seriously have to keep in touch with me okay!!? Lol.. I've got nothing to do now, really bored, and since I've not been blogging for quite some time already, so updates!!

2 days ago which is Wednesday was a bad bad day for 'us'.. The release of our examination results was making people to feel hopeless. I'm also not exceptional, but still.. lucky enough to go for the course that I plan to do. At least I don't have to worry too much what to do next or switching plans in studies. Pheww... My parents didn't know my AS results, until that day I told my dad my full results - AS+A2.
"Your results are terrible. What happened to u?"
"How the heck I know lah? bad means bad lor!" (well I actually answered in a good manner)
He didn't know I actually did very badly for almost every single exam in A levels.. Heh.. I never tell them my results.. NEVER!! That's why he was shocked and upset to see my results.. What to do now? Having too much fun during the 1st year of college.. working hard for the last half a year or last 3 months doesn't help much.. Sigh.. what to do lah??

Study harder for my degree will be the only way.. Ok, I really learnt a lesson this time.. Life is not easy.. Never easy.. I promise, I really really REALLLLLY will take things seriously when I go university.. I PROMISE!! I'll study in library after class, I'll do my homework, no more copying like how I used to copy the homework for Physics.. hahaha.. I'm not sad actually, I just feel.. regret.. no it should be guilty? Yea, I think this is the right word..

Enough of that... CNY is coming really soon! My birthday falls on the first day of CNY, only cool people like me will be able to have such a day! Muahaha.. I'm turning 20 in 3 days! OMG, this finally happens.. 20 years old! SO SO OLD! I cannot believe.. I start blaming my mum why not bringing me to the world a few years later.. Lol.. You people owe me my presents, like my Lambo, Tiffany and Co and lots.. You know who u are! Someone asked me, what's your birthday wish? And I said.. I wish I will not become fat even if I eat lots of chocolates and ice-cream! I hope my wish will come true, yay!

Oklah. Work. Boring! Ciao!

P/S : I climbed! It's really interesting. I can climb! I'm cool, right?
And Bbq tonight! Can't wait. Birthday celebration for 4 of us!