Saturday, March 29, 2008


How well u can do in Physics is directly proportional to your intelligence.

Don't you think so? My Physics lecturer, Mr Seo Chee Leong in college (Taylors college) always says that learning Physics makes people become smarter. I found it quite true too as a lot of things we study in Physics are relevant to our daily lives. Physics is basically a subject that requires more on thinking than memorizing. One thing that I notice is that those who can do well in Physics are those who are able to do well in any other subjects. That is why i have this thought that doing Physics can be a measure of a person's intelligence. So how good are u in physics? (^.^)

Oops please don't get me wrong! I never mean those who are not learning or taking Physics are not intelligent. What I said is just my personal opinion. It is not necessary that it has to be true. It is like... not proven by any scientist or something like that, so don't be sad if you are not good in Physics. Haha.

Well I am taking Physics as one of the subjects in my A Levels. And I have just done my Physics paper 3 (practical skills) on Thursday. Sad to say... I couldn't do it.. I don't know whether I had done it TERRIBLY ! I can't really get the readings for my first experiment! Furthermore i am not very good in Physics. Erm.. I think i should say i am not very good in all the subjects. Perhaps... I am just not one of the smart people...

Physics... Am I really able to cope with it? Very often i can't concentrate in class and... I am like... What in the world is the teacher talking about? I can't get it! While others seems to understand well as i see some of them nodding their heads... However it's getting better compared to the beginning, and I begin to like Physics because i found it more interesting than Chemistry.

wave interference

water molecule forming

reflection forming over a lake

Isn't it INTERESTING? =.= so my dear friends, how well are u in PHYSICS?? =p

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ah Long Pte Ltd 《老师嫁老大》


This is a comedy show directed by Singaporean Director Jack Neo, starring Fann Wong and Mark Lee. The film was partially shot in Malaysia ( including Old Town in Taman Billion where I use to work part time after SPM last year ). Therefore u guys must watch it! Of course, this is not the reason, i am just kidding. It is a very funny show. When i was watching this with my friends in Pavillion GSC, we were all laughing non stop.

Here's the synopsis :
Ah Long Pte Ltd is a light-hearted black comedy about the triad world and the money-lending business. Following the retirement of her triad leader (Richard Low), a young lady, Li Hua (Fann Wong), tries to restructure her money-lending triad into a professional and 'loving' triad that stands against the use of violence. She also suffers a nagging mother and gets involved in a romance with Mr Fang (Mark Lee), an effeminate dance instructor cum image stylist.

So what are waiting for? Go and get the tickets if u have not watched it! Enjoy the show! It is really damn funny!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Trial Exams !!

My trial exam starts on 26th march and ends on 4th April. Therefore i will be pretty busy in this 2 weeks time. So u guys don't try to tempt me by asking me to go out. As usual I am still not well prepared yet. Sigh... I can only put the blame on myself. Anyway thanks a lot to my friends who support me and comfort me when i feel stressful. I will try my best in these last 2 days to do my revision. But i really don't have the confidence at all... I promise i will do better next time!

Here are the pictures how my study room usually look like during my exam period..
(P/S) This time it's considered quite neat compared to last time.. *paiseh*

I will tidy up my study room immediately after my exams or else i will surely get scolded like last time. Haha.
I don't know, I just feel comfortable to study in a messy environment like this. Hope exams end soon!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

What makes me start this blog?

What makes Peggy start blogging? Well i supposed those who know me well enough will be quite surprised to see PEGGY"S BLOG.
'' OMG !! Its that really the Peggy that we know created this blog?''
I assume this will pop in some of my friend's mind at the first second they see my very first blog ( which is this lovely blog ).
Well here are all the answers :
  • I really hope my close friends can get to know what i am doing and how my life is going on.
  • I want my precious time to be occupied meaningfully.
  • I really wish this could enable me to keep in touch with some of my friends esp my secondary schoolmates - esp : Suet Yin, Yen Lee, Pei Cheng, Mei Hui, Sook Mun and many more...
Of course there are other reasons that i didn't mention, but those i mention are the main reasons. So i hope u guys can give some support to my blog ;-)
Let me explain a little on why i said some will be surprised to see my blog. Actually this is because i am a very lazy person. I love to sleep soooo much. Yet i am willing to sacrifice some of my time here. Ooops sounds like i am becoming a hero!? Haha.

Dear friends,
I really wish we can keep in touch. I miss you all so much. i miss all our sweet memories during secondary school days.
And of course I do wish to keep in contact with many of my other friends.
Yes YOU!! So lets just don't forget each other.