Wednesday, December 9, 2009


A very quick update :-)
I'm going to Japan! Going to the airport at 8am later. I'll be back on the 20th. U guys can sms me, but I probably wouldn't reply =P unless I really have to. So bye bye, say happy holiday to me!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Peggy's test

I didn't update my blog for quite a long time right? Ok this time I'm not gonna give some lame excuses like I'm so busy, I'm having exams, I don't have the time blablabla... This time, I'm gonna say 'I WANNA GIVE U GUYS A TEST' lol =P

Yes, a test! Well, if u are reading this within 2 weeks I have posted this up, u pass! and if u're not, U FAIL! FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!! (2 weeks is really a little too long actually, but anyway I'm a nice person as u all know =D) I bet everyone's gonna fail this, cause I barely pass too, I'm saying this because I myself did not open my blog for so long. I'm not losing the enthusiasm to blog but I'm just... a little busy and a little lazy (yes I'm giving lame excuses again).

I'm gonna post something about my Perth tripS asap. Perth is really a nice place, a lot of nice food too, and that's why I gained so much weight, I have gained 5kgs in this whole year, 5kgs is really really bad, u will definitely know how I feel if u are a girl =(

Good Night =)