Monday, March 30, 2009

Putrajaya Challenge Park

A park for extreme sports will soon be opened in Putrajaya. There are skate park and Bike Trail. There's also a Wall Climbing Complex at this Putrajaya Challenge Park. It will be opened in June. The wall is divided into the kiddie wall, beginners' wall, competition wall, speed wall, advance wall and boulder. The competition wall is said to be among the highest in the world.

Looks cool right? But then even if it has already opened, I don't think I have the time for outdoor activities, more and more reports, assignments, projects, tests and exams are coming up. I should have gone for business. Business students have only 3 days class in a week! WTF!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kena con!

People tell me that first year of University would be easy, like damn easy.. But now I know that they are telling me lies, and now I am conned into doing engineering! (kena con by MR SEO!)
'' So is it ok? I mean your first month in Uni? ''
'' Hell NO! "
Engineering is totally not an easy course, especially when u're doing it in some Aussie Uni.. It is REALLY difficult, I am not exaggerating.. Like it's just my first month now, but I have already been suffering doing reports, assignments, projects, homework etc etc.

I have no time to have fun, loads of reports are killing me =(

Camp5 , 1U


Rock band

Omg.. I don't want to stay at home doing reports! But I have to.. Anyway I spent most of my time watching tv at home. Yes I know.. U would probably want to ask.. "So what's the point staying at home?" Well... I have to stay at home so at least there would be a chance for me to open the text book and....... STUDY = = (possibility of me doing that = 0.00001%) LOL..

I don't know what's wrong with my luck!! I got robbed, I lost my 8Gb thumbdrive, my smart tag was not working bla bla bla.. I feel like shouting out loud!! I'm pissed!!!! Friends, stop asking me to go out, I cannot resist, I cannot resist lah!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Uni Life

Yes Uni life has started.. If u can still remember, that day I kena rompak, that was actually my first day of orientation.. It was really a bad starting! and I think 2009 is really not a good year for me. So many bad things happened to me, that's one of the reasons why I wanna go 'release stress' so badly.. lol..
So after 2 weeks of classes in uni, that's what I noticed and how I'm feeling :
  • First year of Uni is not as easy as I thought..
  • I don't like the lectures! 200 people studying in an auditorium, cannot learn anything!
  • Most of them are only 19 in my intake, DAMN...
  • There are definitely more hot chicks and hot guys in Taylor's College!
  • The clubs in Monash are not interesting..
  • I fell asleep in some of the lectures..
  • But.. the facilities in Monash are really cool! Smoking area, gym, pool, foosball, inside the Uni!! They should have made a cc inside there, for sure can make a lot of money.. lol..
  • I miss Asia Cafe!
  • I'm still not in the mood of studying =( I want PARTIES!!
Chatting with some bastards are really tiring! This is a short post I know.. Will update really soon I promise!

P/S : I'm driving to Uni already.. Sighs..