Friday, May 23, 2008


I was chatting with Mr Tee 12 hours ago, yes in the midnight.. I couldn't fall asleep so I got up from my bed and see who was online. Then I saw him and started chatting with him.

" Peggy, why u didn't play facebook?"
" Oh yes i don't have a facebook account"
" Why?"
Then I replied him...
" Facebook is only for OLD PEOPLE"
" Wert the hell!? =.= "

Then I explained.. saying that I actually did try to register once long long time ago but failed.. I have forgotten why.. Then I was thinking why I couldn't so I made up an excuse.. ''Facebook is only for old people, doesn't suit YOUNG and COOL people like me" At that time not many friends of mine playing that also.. So I gave up.. therefore until now I don't have an account.. However being convinced by Mr Tee.. I just registered, so I am now having a facebook account ^.^ ( I guess I am now old enough to have one, lol )

I still don't really know how facebook works.. I just know it's something like friendster but it's much much more complicated!! But I will find out how things work and everything... only after my exams. Exams will end on the of 12th June. God!! 2 more tiring weeks to go.. So so long...

So what ya waiting for now? GO ADD ME IN FACEBOOK -

Sunday, May 18, 2008

10 things to do if u meet someone like me ^.^ / BLACKMAIL !?

10 Things u can do if u were threatened by someone

I mean.. threatened by some pretty girls like uhm.. PEGGY..

  1. Buy her lunch in Chillis at least once a week for a year.
  2. Or dinner in Tony Roma’s.
  3. Pay her a lot a lot of cash.
  4. Buy her an Apple i-phone.
  5. I don’t mind second hand W960i.
  6. Pay for her a trip to London.
  7. Or nearer Korea also I can accept.
  8. Be her servant.
  9. Introduce many many hot guys to her.
  10. KILL HER!! But this is not good because u might be sent to the prison..

If u can do 3 or 4 out of the 10 things (except the last one) then it would be enough. See I am so kind that I didn’t ask for all 9 things above. Lol.

And even if u are not threatened to do so, u are always welcome to do something like that to make me feel that I have true friends like u. ;-)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Perth trip

I hardly got time to blog nowadays.. A-levels is a stupid course with hell lots of exams! But I said I will blog something about my trip and here it is..


I didn't really take much photo cause I think I will be going to Perth again soon. LOL. The most interesting part in this trip was FISHING in Mandurah. Well, u might think that fishing is a boring game for those old man, if u have got this thought then I can tell u, U ARE WRONG! It's really fun to fish, u will know when u get to try it out.

I caught 2 fish at once! with uncle's special made "double hook". All I can feel at that moment is EXCITING!! This is my second time fishing. The first time was even more fun than this. That was in Hartog Island, Australia.

What else I did in Perth.. Go visit Joshua, the cutest ever baby (uncle's grandson).. He is really very smart and cute, miss him so much~~

That's all... And I think I will not update my blog until end of this month because I gotta prepare for my AS finals.. PRAY FOR ME EVERYONE...